James Dawkins talked about two of his favorite websites for digital cameras: Steve's Digicams (http://www.steves-digicams.com/) and Imaging Resource (http://imaging-resource.com/NEWS.HTM).

"Both sites offer in-depth reviews of the newest cameras as soon as they hit the market. These reviews include specifications, features and controls, menus, software, a 360-degree QuickTime look at the camera, and, most importantly, sample pictures and a review conclusion. Both sites seem very honest in their review conclusions, telling you what they like and don't like and sometimes recommending another camera."

"Steve of Steve's Digicams takes the sample photos for his site. Most of the photos are of buildings and what appear to be tourist sites. Some are places he has photographed repeatedly over the years, such as a marina cafe that he shoots from the same spot in review after review. I find that downloading these shots and comparing them goes well beyond trying to evaluate cameras based on the hype from the manufacturers. I have a shot of the marina cafe from my first digital camera, a 2-megapixel Nikon; from my current camera, a 6-megapixel Sony; and from the 8- and 10-megapixel cameras that I've been considering."

"Imaging Resource takes sample photos that are more technical and intended to test such things as lens resolution and color shift. Again, the subjects are always the same ones so you can compare cameras."

"I find reading reviews of a camera from several sources to be better than depending on just a single review. Sometimes it's not what the reviews say, it's what they don't say that provides critical information. I also look at reviews of other cameras that are in the same class as the camera that I'm considering."

One thing James likes about these sites is that they keep these reviews online so that years later, you can go back and find a review of a camera that you now consider obsolete and want to replace. Knowing where you've been is a good way to know where you want to go.


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