Here are a few games you can try out when you feel like having some fun:

If you'd like to try out a new game, check out BlockHeads Clash by outsidetheboxsoftware! In this Cel-Shade adventure, you venture to strange places inside cartoon labyrinths where the only weapon is your foursquare noggin. You can go at it alone or gather up to 4 friends in both Battle and Co-Op modes.

Here's a site where you can download and try out games, or purchase them.

Crazy Eggs 1.1.5 is a new software game, which presents its players with endless challenges and unforgettable adventures! It gives all of you a chance to set off for the palm-fringed dinosaur island and help a pitiful little dinosaur collect the eggs he has lost. This is a sort of connect the eggs game. Each time you connect two eggs of the same color, you clear a space. The object is to clear all the eggs. Free trial available.

I've purchased two games from PopCap Games. My wife is addicted to Bejeweled and my favorite is Zuma. Their free demos have a time limit, but by then you'll know whether you like it enough to buy it. Check them out!

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